pre-need life plan

The cooperative aims to enhance members’ protection and security, ensuring their well-being in times of uncertainty. To foster loyalty and patriotism, a comprehensive program is being established, focusing on rewarding, retaining, and reactivating members. Additionally, the cooperative is committed to promoting a culture of belongingness and instilling a sense of ownership among its members.

Frequently asked questions

    • All regular and full-fledged members of the OIC who are 18 years old and above are eligible for a subsidy of 50% on their yearly contribution of P360. This subsidy provides coverage under the LIFE PLAN protection throughout their entire membership. The membership registration cutoff date for eligibility is June 30, 2022.
    • OIC allows regular and full-fledged members aged 65-69 who join after June 30, 2022, to participate. However, they are not eligible for a subsidy and will undergo a one-year contestability period.
    • Starting October 1, 2022. All Regular and Full-Pledged members of OIC who avail pre-need life plan program will undergo a contestability period of one year.
    • Flexible settlement based on the number of years If the beneficiary/claimant will opt to convert into cash and not the services. There will be a corresponding amount will be given to the beneficiary base on the number of years covered or enrolled.
    1. Thirty Thousand Pesos (P 30,000) worth of memorial service and non-transferable. 
    2. In case of non-availment of the memorial service, the unrendered service will be applied.

To apply online, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Visit our official website.
    2. Under “Services” menu, click Pre-need Life Plan and look for the “Apply Online” button on the website.
    3. Click on the provided link to access the online application portal.
    4. Read any guidelines or instructions provided on the webpage before proceeding.
    5. Fill out the online application form with accurate and complete information.
    6. Provide all the required details, such as personal information, contact details, and any relevant documents or supporting materials.
    7. Double-check all the information you have entered to ensure accuracy.
    8. Review the terms and conditions, privacy policy, or any other agreements mentioned on the application form.
    9. If required, make any necessary payments or provide payment details as specified on the website.
    10. Once you have completed the application form and reviewed all the information, click on the “Submit Application” button.
    11. After submitting the application, you may receive an email notification with an acknowledgment of your application.
    12. Keep a copy of the email notification for future reference or inquiries.
    13. Wait for further communication regarding the status of your application.

If necessary, follow up through the provided contact information for any updates or additional requirements.

For more queries, please leave us a message thru our