To provide cash assistance to all full-fledged members of affected by unforeseen calamities such as fire, earthquake, typhoon and flood.



1.     Must be a full-fledged member.

2.     Must be a resident of the calamity declared areas and suffered damages/loss to their properties.

3.     Must be claim not more than three (3) months after the calamity.


Service Coverage


Classification of Damaged Shelter/ Property


1.     Partially Damaged House/ Shelter– livable with reusable shelter materials and existing original structure of the shelter such as:

 a. Roof support

 b. Floor Support

 c. Posts

 d. Wall Support

 e. Footing/ foundation


2.      Totally Damaged House/ Shelter – house is entirely wrecked and unfit for habitation.



1.      If a member was affected by the 2 or more calamities, a member can only claim one assistance whichever a member prefers to claim.

2.      If 3 or more members of the family are members of Oro Integrated Cooperative and is affected by calamity, OIC will provide a family assistance instead of an individual assistance.

3.      Assistance coverage is limited only on damaged of properties, any loss of life due to calamities will not be covered in the calamity assistance since there is a separate assistance given for the members for any cause of loss of life.




1.     Duly filled-out Calamity Assistance Benefit Form.

2.     Certificate from the Zone Leader and/or Barangay indicating if the member suffered damages/loss of properties either totally or partially damaged.

3.     Photocopy of member’s valid ID (1 government or 2 secondary ID) with 3 signature specimens.

4.     Photocopy of authorized person’s valid ID (1 government or 2 secondary ID) with 3 signature specimens. (if through authorization)

5.     Authorization letter duly signed by the member. (if through authorization)